City Tree

만개한 목백합 사진
Tulip Tree

The fast-growing tulip tree is perfect for parks and streets due to its resistance to cold and insects. Originally from North America, the tulip tree also represents the fact that Korea and the US signed the Korea-US Treaty in Incheon.

City Flower

활짝 핀 장미 한송이 사진

Beloved by the people of Incheon for many years for its beauty, roses can be found all across Incheon. As a symbol of activeness and passion, roses represent the active and passionate nature of Incheoners.

City Bird

두루미 두마리가 마주보는 사진
Red-crowned Crane

Given that Incheon is a seasonal home for the migratory red-crowned crane, several districts across Incheon have names inspired by cranes - Songhak-dong, Cheonghak-dong, Seonhak-dong, and Hakik-dong (*"Hak" means crane in Korean). In particular, Munhak-dong was the former administrative capital of Incheon.

City Color

인천블루색을 사용한 도시 일러스트
Incheon Blue

Since Incheon is a harbor city, blue represents the color of the sea, a strong spirit, and the aspirations to sail the vast open seas.