Incheon North Port Hinterland (Hanjin Heavy Industries Site)

Connected to Seoul Ring Expressway II, Incheon International Airport, and Incheon North Port, the Incheon North Port Hinterland is being developed as a logistical hub and support site for the Incheon Port.

LU 1 City Public Facilities Site

Currently, investors are building logistics facilities, support facilities, commercial facilities, and knowledge industry research centers in sites near the Incheon North Port Hinterland area (607,068㎡) parceled out as part of the hinterland development initiative.

Summary of the Project
  • Location: Incheon North Port hinterland area, Wonchang-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon
  • Site: 607,068㎡ (approximately 183,638 pyeong, 66 lots)
  • Project Duration: 2012 ~ 2019
  • Approved Usage: Factories, warehouses (logistics, lumber, steel, distribution), limited range of commercial facilities, etc.
  • Developers: Hanjin Heavy Industries
 Summary of the Project
Investment Environment
  • Price (per pyeong): Industrial land KRW 3.6~4.7 million / Commercial land: KRW 6.8~8.0 million
  • Current Status of Incheon North Port Hinterland Development
Current Status of Incheon North Port Hinterland Development

Project, Size (㎡), Purpose, Duration, Department, Status, Note로 구성된 표

Sort Total Area Total Area Available for Development Development
Land Donation
(including expected donations)
Site Area (㎡) 2,549,528㎡ (100%) 607,068㎡ (23.8%) 1,375,747㎡ (54%) 566,713㎡ (22.2%)
  • Investment Promotion Division (032-440-3291~4), Incheon Metropolitan City Government.
  • Affiliated Organizations: Management Support Department (032-421-9400), Hanjin Heavy Industries Incheon Regional Office.