Strategically reinforce the capacity of the old city center to attract more investment

Establish strategies to promote investment in districts across Incheon (excluding IFEZ) such as the old city center and hinterlands near Incheon Harbor Create new jobs and revitalize the local economy by attracting up-and-coming local companies, including core "anchor facilities" (e.g. academic, financial, business, medical care, shopping facilities, etc.), contact centers, and R&D centers

Attract global corporations (major corporations) involved in new and emerging industries capable of adding high value

Global parts/components/materials companies, IT companies, BT high-tech companies are investing more aggressively in new growth engine industries with major Korean corporations such as Samsung and LG looking to invest more in future growth industries.

Prevent relocation of corporations, and strategically attract returning domestic/international corporations

Create a good environment for businesses that is in line with current investment trends, facilitates information exchange, and offers customized job support Find Chinese companies with local ties or other companies returning to the metropolitan area, and help companies that previously relocated to rural areas return to the metropolitan area