“Incheon e-Eum” is an electronic form of the Incheon Sarang Gift Card

The Incheon e-Eum Card is an electronic gift certificate that works as both a mobile app and a prepaid card to help stimulate the local economy in Incheon. It is the first of its kind in Korea.
Incheon e-Eum Card is available to all Incheon citizens over the age of 14, and to alien residents as well.
Cardholders can use their Incheon e-Eum Card anywhere in Incheon . However, Incheon e-Eum Cards cannot be used at department stores, major supermarkets, large corporate-like supermarkets, and taxis.
For more details, please visit the official Incheon e-Eum website www.incheoneum.or.kr(Korean)