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Acquisition of a Korean driver's license

There are two types (Class 1 and class 2) in Korean Driver's License. Those two types differ depending on what kind of car you will be driving. In order to obtain the license, you need to pass three types of tests; a written test, course-driving test, and a road test. You can take tests in license examination offices and institute.

Procedure for the acquisition of driver's license

『 Road Traffic Authority Driver's License website ( → driving test information → procedure for getting a license』 Detail information for the procedure of each step will be obtained. Also through its website, civil application, test application, license information inquiries and application of issue are possible.

Foreign life guide
Incheon's DMV

Incheon's DMV operates the function experience center and the subject assistance system for foreigners

  • Address : 1247, Aam-daero, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • Phone : 1577-1120
Incheon's DMV
Driver's license class program for the multicultural family

Each police station in Incheon operates a driver's license class for multicultural family (married immigrants and children), foreign workers and foreign students and you can call each police station to ask program schedule and detail contents.

  • ‌Ganghwa Police station: 032-930-0393     • Gyeyang Police station: 032-363-6238
  • ‌Namdong Police station: 032-718-9376   • Nambu Police station: 032-717-9376
  • ‌Bupyeong Police station: 032-363-1376   • Samsan Police station: 032-509-0376
  • ‌Seobu Police station: 032-453-3376 7      • Yeonsu Police station: 032-453-0376
  • ‌Jungbu Police station: 032-760-8376      • Nonhyeon Police station: 032-454-9376

It provides the information to acquire driver' license for a multicultural family.

  • ‌Place for an examination and procedure information.
  • Lecture related to the subject, the skill, the driving and sample questions provided. (With 10 languages, mobile app lecture is provided)
    • ‌Korea, English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Mongol, Cambodian, and Russian

The case of switching from foreign driver's license to domestic driver's license

  • ‌The switching from foreign driver's license to domestic driver's license is possible roughly in 130 nations that make contract mutual agreement and the license's distinction between truth and false is confirmed through required document which is issues by foreign Korean embassy, through aptitude test (physical examination) and examinations of subject, domestic driver's license will be issued or exchanged. (Exemption from subject examination for countries whose driver's licenses are accepted in Korea)
  • ‌International acquired license can be recognized the validity under the full license which remains the available period. Temporary licenses or Practice licenses cannot be exchanged and issued into a domestic license.
    • ‌Where to apply: DMV Nationwide
Countries whose driver's licenses are recognized in Korea

Korea recognizes the driver's licenses of certain countries and issues the Korean driver's license without requiring applicants to take any tests. The National Police Agency announces a list of these countries every year.

  • ‌The driver's license which is issued the country which accepts Korean driver's license: only aptitude test (physical examination) will be done.
  • The driver's license which was obtained from the nations not accept Korean driver's license: aptitude test (physical examination) and multiple choice (20 questions) will be done.
  • ‌Others: Exchange or issue of foreign driver's license is limited to domestic regular Class 2 license
  • ‌『KoROAD Driver's license service homepage ( → Foreign Driver's License & International Driving Permit』 Countries whose driver's licenses are recognized in Korea may be verified here

International driver's license

He who obtains a international driver's license can drive in Korea within the validity period (1 year from the entry date), only vehicle model which is written in the international driver's license can be driven.

Vehicle registration and insurance

Vehicle registration
  • New registration
    • After purchasing of vehicle, new registration has to be done in the gu office of residence address
    • New registration will be substituted by dealer with free of charge, and required document is same as Korean. (Identification required)
    • Before official registration is done, a temporary license plate is issued then it is possible to drive for a vehicle in 10 days.
Purchasing Car insurance (liability insurance)
  • In the purchase of a car, the liability insurance must be joined and in case of an accident should be prepared for.
  • As insurance money is different depending on the ensured contents, so a driver should choose a correct insurance which is fitted for driver's own driving style and be joined.
  • Car liability insurance
    • Car owners driving a car with two other people dead or should be mandatory liability insurance to pay reparations to the victims in case of injury (Cars Damages Act Article 5)
    • Without joining (delay) the liability insurance, the offender is subject to imprisonment for a maximum of one year and a fine of a maximum of 10 million won.
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon