Northeast Asia, the fastest-growing region in the world.
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Located in the heart of Northeast Asia, a region that constitutes one-fifth of the world's economy, Incheon enjoys a significant strategic advantage - it has 147 cities with a population of at least one million people within three hours by airplane. Incheon's old city center has a thriving and competitive industrial sector, whereas the Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) is quickly becoming an important new growth engine for the Korean economy. Incheon prides itself on its unique infrastructure and logistics/transportation systems, including Incheon International Airport and Incheon Harbor, all of which help support various business activities.

The sheer number of companies that have already invested in Incheon serves as proof that the city is a great place to conduct business. Each year, numerous domestic and global corporations are increasing the size and scope of their investments. Incheon's outstanding residential environment is another important factor that drives investment into the city. With a convenient and safe urban environment, combined with excellent education, living culture, leisure, and shopping facilities, Incheon is perfectly suited for both domestic and foreign residents. Incheon is widely regarded as one of the best cities in Northeast Asia for businesses and corporations. It produces talented individuals equipped with the experience and capacity to work on the global stage through the Incheon Global Campus. The city is also home to 15 UN-affiliated agencies and other international organizations. Incheon has everything a global company needs. Invest now!