Outstanding Geographical Location - Hub of the Northeast Asian Economy

Incheon is located in the heart of Northeast Asia, which accounts for one-fifth of the global economy. As of 2017, Northeast Asia was home to 22.4% of the world population (1,716,070,000) and 24.2% of the global GDP. In terms of its proximity to other major cities, Incheon has 147 cities with a minimum population of 1 million within the range of a 3-hour flight. Moreover, Incheon is in the metropolitan area of Korea, where more than 40% of Korea's population is concentrated. As such, it can access the affluent metropolitan market that has a population of 26 million people.

Transport Network Connected to the World

Incheon enjoys a significant advantage over other cities in terms of transportation thanks to an infrastructure that helps people as well as cargo move safely and quickly to anywhere around the world. With the best airport and port in the world nearby, Incheon can be the cornerstone of any successful business. Incheon International Airport is connected to an extensive transportation network that covers the entire country - Songdo International City sits just 30 minutes away, the airport railroad connects the Airport with the metropolitan area, other subway lines connect the Airport to Incheon's city center, and the highway system connects the Airport to different cities by road. Meanwhile, Incheon Port is located in close proximity to industrial facilities, which helps reduce logistics costs significantly. Using the perfect logistics and transportation system Incheon has to offer, you can build a successful business.

Best Corporate Environment proven with Incheon's Investment History

Incheon is the perfect city to do business in, a fact that been proven by the sheer scope and volume of investments countless global corporations have made in Incheon. Companies from a variety of different fields - Samsung Biologics, Celltrion, Boeing, BMW, GM, Amkor Technology, LG Electronics, Mando-Brose, and Hana Financial Group are some of the companies that have already invested in the City. Incheon has 17 industrial complexes, including three national-level industrial complexes, eight local-level industrial complexes, and six additional industrial complexes that are currently under construction, all of which help businesses to maximize their operating efficiency. Investing in Incheon will give you access to not only the optimal corporate environment to carry out business affairs, but also the most supportive environment for global expansion.

Convenient and Safe Residential Environment

Incheon is indeed a great place to do business in. In truth, however, there are several cities around the world that are suited to business activities. But none are as great for entrepreneurs to actually live in as Incheon. Incheon is equipped with a world-class academic and cultural infrastructure, which makes it an easy place to live with a high quality of life. Incheon is a city that is safe to walk in late at night, a city that has several shopping malls for high-quality shopping and cultural activities, and a city that has plenty of beautiful natural waterfront venues and green spaces in addition to its unrivaled business environment.

Human Resources Equipped with the Capacity and Sophistication to Work on the Global Stage

Incheon has several top-notch universities producing highly talented individuals. Some examples include Inha University, which boasts more than 60 years of history and tradition, Incheon National University, which has been attracting more talented students since its reclassification as a national university. Also, Yonsei University, one of the top universities in Korea, recently opened a campus in Songdo, followed by SUNY Korea, George Mason University Korea, Ghent University Global Campus, and the University of Utah Asia Campus in the Incheon Global Campus complex. Together, these universities across Incheon are producing individuals equipped with the capacity and sophistication to work on the global stage. Meanwhile, the Chadwick International School offers a 12-year program (elementary school through high school) and features outstanding academic programs and the perfect infrastructure for its students. The Cheongna Dalton School also develops world-class individuals through its world-class learning environment that includes high-quality academic programs in addition to a swimming pool and equestrian course. In terms of research, Incheon is a hub of activity with more than 1,800 research organizations across a variety of fields, including bio-science, managed by corporations and universities.

Incheon Free Economic Zone, New Growth Engine for the Korean Economy

Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) is a global business city that includes three up-and-coming districts in Incheon - Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna. Songdo is a global hub for the high tech knowledge-based service industry, Yeongjong is an integrated city that supports the aviation, logistics, tourism, and leisure industries, and Cheongna is a new business town where businesses, residential properties, and industrial facilities can grow together in harmony. As a city in the vanguard of globalization with the most forward momentum for future development, IFEZ is widely recognized as a new growth engine for the Korean economy.