All pregnant women (including foreign spouses) may qualify for free folic acid and iron supplements according to their pregnancy stage, if they register at a community health center. (Excluding foreigners) In particular, it is important for high-risk pregnant women to go for regular checkups at medical institutions and health centers.

Cases classified as high-risk pregnancy
  • Pregnant women who are too young or too old (under 20 years old or above 35 years old)
  • Pregnant women who have experienced premature birth, stillbirth and fetal macrosomia etc.
  • Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid diseases and autoimmune diseases etc.
  • Underweight and overweight pregnant women
  • Pregnant women with abnormal prenatal tests etc.

Recommended checkups for pregnant women

The items of a regular checkup to maintain the health of pregnant women are as follows.


Type, Waste that must not be included in food waste 로 구성된 표

Test Items Test Details
Blood Test Regular Blood Test A blood test (hemoglobin, platelets and red blood cells, etc.) to assess the health of the mother and to check if there are any problems maintaining pregnancy, as well as to test for diseases such as aids and rubella etc.
Blood Type Test To check ABO blood type and Rh factor.
Syphilis Test Results in fetal infection and is a leading cause of fetal death.
Hepatitis Test Tests for infection. Especially, hepatitis B often worsens during pregnancy and may spread to the baby through the placenta during delivery or when breast-feeding.
Urine Test Enables diagnosis of pre-eclampsia and diabetes through sugar and protein tests. Also tests for urinary tract infection.
Ultrasound Scan Allows a look inside the uterus to monitor fetal growth, fetal position and shape, as well as to check for abnormalities etc.
  • Other than the above test items, a more detailed examination may be necessary depending on the health conditions of both mother and fetus

Health Center Services for Pregnant Women

Counselling and various services are provided for pregnant women who register their pregnancy with the local health center.
As each local health center offers different programs and benefits, it is recommended that inquiries be made beforehand.

Prenatal Care
  • Eligibility: Pregnant women who live in Incheon and have registered their pregnancy with a health center
  • What to bring along: identity card and pregnancy handbook
  • Assistance given
  • Free folic acid pills (From conception till 12th week of pregnancy)
  • Free iron pills (From 16th week of pregnancy till delivery)
  • Health education: Provides information and education on necessary health care week by week during pregnancy (including health counseling, prevention and screening of postnatal depression, and breast-feeding education)
Postnatal Care
  • Assistance given
    • Postnatal health care and counseling
    • Newborn screening tests and immunization
Pregnancy Congratulatory Gift
  • Eligibility: Pregnant women who live in Incheon and have registered their pregnancy with a health center
  • What to bring along: Pregnancy handbook or pregnancy confirmation certificate
  • Period of availability: registering for pregnant women
  • Assistance given: Body care products and non-contact thermometer
    • Advance inquiries should be made as assistance provided in each county (gun) and ward (gu) differs.
Birth Preparation and Health Care Classes
  • Assistance given
    • Breast-feeding lessons, gymnastic classes for pregnant women, birth preparation classes and baby massage classes
Supplementary Nutrition Care for Mother and Child
  • Eligibility
    • Socially vulnerable pregnant women, nursing mothers and children (under 6 years old)
    • Those who face more than one type of nutritional risk (anemia, low birth weight, poor growth and poor nutritional status)
  • Assistance given
    • Free supplementary food package: provides appropriate foodstuffs such as rice, potatoes, eggs, carrots, milk, black beans, laver, seaweed, canned tuna and tangerines etc. according to nutrition- al status
    • Provides individual counseling, group and home visit education, and free nutrition education held at least once a month and available on weekends or at night for busy working people.

Incheon Childbirth Promotion Assistance Program (Childbirth Promotion Non-Stop Health Care Service)

In Incheon Metropolitan City, various assistance programs to encourage childbirth are offered through the family health clinic operated by the Planned Population Federation of Korea (Incheon Branch).

  • Planned Population Federation of Korea (Family Health Clinic) Incheon Branch ☎ 032-451-4000
  • Family Health Clinic (Screening Center) ☎ 032-451-4000
  • Mammammam Incheon (
    • Operated by the Planned Population Federation of Korea, Incheon Branch. Offers useful information on matters related to pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care.
    • Contact the Planned Population Federation of Korea for more details as the terms and conditions change every year.

Classification Eligibility Screening Items / Contents
Maternal Health
Pregnant women (applicable to foreign spouses) who
have signed up for medical insurance and health insur
-ance as Incheon residents
  • What to bring: A copy of resident registration, identifi
    -cation card and pregnancy handbook
  • Early pregnancy tests
  • Quad test, ultrasound
  • Gestational diabetes test,
    Anemia testing
  • Tests before childbirth
  • Post delivery tests
Health Screening for Newlyweds
(of marriageable age)
To get married or newly married with no kids (applicable
to foreign spouses)
  • What to bring : A copy of resident registration and iden
    -tification card with Incheon as the address Contract
    for the wedding hall or wedding invitation (prospective
  • Physical Examination
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A Test
  • STD
  • X-ray
Childbirth and Paren
-ting Health Class
Pregnant women and spouses, prospective parents, their
  • Prenatal education class
  • Father parenting class
  • Parent coaching class
  • Couple class
  • Prospective parent education
  • Additional charges may arise when applicable.