Administrative Agency

  • ‌Government24 website: ☎ 1588-2188 (English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Mongolian available)
  • ‌Through the government civil portal 'Government24' complaints received are processed by law and relevant laws and regulations relating to civil petitions process.

We have close ties with a Dong Community Service Center, government city, county, and ward agencies which can be useful for daily life. These community centers improve the quality of public life, and deal with facilities management, various cultural/welfare education, and related programs. They also handle certification issues and administrative affairs. Lately, with the emphasis on usability for civil affairs, administrative affairs do not have to be handled in person. Even with no need to visit an administrative agency in person, there is an automatic government issued machine to handle administrative affairs at each subway station or through the use of government civil portal 'Government24'. In the case of certain documents, you have to visit the administrative office to obtain them.

Administrative affairs that may be handled by foreign residents through the 'Government24' website
Administrative Agency

Administrative, Agency, Jurisdiction, Certificate 로 구성된 표

Administrative Affairs Agency in Charge Jurisdiction Certificate
Certificate of Alienregistration City, county, state immigration office, The Ministry ofJustice Required(individual)
immigration office branches
Certificate of Domesticresidence Immigration Office,
Immigration Office Branch
Proof of citizenship The Ministry of Justice
Administrative Affairs Agency in Charge
Foreign nationalityrenunciation certificateissued Immigration Office,
Immigration Office Branch
Foreign nationalityrenunciation certificateconfirmation Immigration Office,
Immigration Office Branch
Certificate of citizenshipissued Immigration Office, The Ministry of Land,Infrastructure andTransport
Immigration Office Branch
  • In addition, applicable administrative affairs can be confirmed online.

『 'Government24' → Civil Applications → Internet Civil Applications → Corporate / Foreigners / Foreign Administrative Affairs』

Police Station

  • If you are injured by a criminal or if you saw a crime scene, Call ☎ 112 or you can visit your nearest police station or a patrol unit to report a crime.
  • Reporting is also available through "The website of The Police Minwon Portal (".

Fire Station

  • You can call a fire station if you need help related to fires, rescuing, disaster and any other emergency help (☎ 119)
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon