Introducing Songam Art Museum

Songam Art Museum was opened in 1992 based on the collection of the late OCI Group President Lee Hui-rim (1917~2007) which featured artifacts collected domestically and internationally. In 2005, his entire collection was donated to Incheon Metropolitan City to help more citizens enjoy our precious cultural heritage and currently remains under the control of the city government. Songam Art Museum houses more than 9,000 artifacts spanning from antiquity to the modern era across various genres including paintings and caligraphy, sculptures, handicrafts, and ceramics. The standing exhibition showcases more than 3,000 major artifacts on a rotational basis. The exhibition hall on the Museum’s 1st floor starts with a massive pottery coffin and features prehistoric earthenware, celadon from the Goryeo era, grayish-blue celadon and white porcelain from the Joseon era in an orderly fashion which helps visitors understand our country’s history in ceramics. A wide range of Buddhist statues and handicrafts are on display to give us a glimpse into Buddhist art and our ancestor’s everyday lives. The Museum’s 2nd floor features the seal of Sosan Oh Il-gyu, which has been a precious asset for research in seals, as well as caligraphy and painting artifacts. Visitors will be able to see paintings of various genres including by Gyeomjae Cheong Seon, folk paintings, and other paintings depicting landscapes, figures, flower and birds, birds and animals, and the four gracious plants. The planned exhibition hall hosts special exhibits each year with a variety of themes.

Another special feature of Songam Art Museum is its outstanding landscape. Pine trees create shades across the vast garden while a wide range of stone artifacts including statues of scholars, Korean traditional totem poles, and stone pagodas adorn the area. There’s also an identical replica of the massive ‘King Gwanggaeto the Great’s tablet’ from Tonggu in Jiban, China that towers over the grassy lawns at over 6m in height.

Songam Art Museum aims to become an open cultural venue that breathes together with its citizens. As such, the educational programs offered at the Museum for various age groups from children to adults are not mere academic programs that help people tour the artifacts. Rather, the Museum wishes to continue operating programs that help visitors actively participate, think, and experience the artifacts.

Songam Art Museum does its best to provide the best possible service for its visitors with high quality exhibitions and diverse programs.

Opening hours

  • Opening hours : 9:00am ~ 6:00pm (last entry at 5:30pm)
  • Holidays : every Monday (except for national public holidays), New Year’s Day
  • Admission fees : Free
  • User inquiries : 032)440-6777


  • By bus
    • Take bus no. 112, get off at Songdo High School and walk 800m
    • Take bus no. 9, 111-2, get off at Okryun Girls’ High School and walk 1,000m
    • Take bus no. 8, 16, get of at Jogaegogae and walk 1,000m
  • By subway
    • From Suin Line Songdo Station, take bus no. 112, get off at Songdo High School and walk 800m
  • By car
    • Turn left at the end of Gyeongin Expressway, travel straight ahead for 3km towards Songdo and turn left at OBS Gyeoggin Broadcasting Center
    • Turn left (make a u-turn and then turn right) at the end of the 2nd Gyeongin Expressway, travel straight ahead for 1.5km towards Songdo and turn left at OBS Gyeongin Broadcasting Center
  • Address: 68, 55beon-gil, Biryu-daero, Nam-gu, Incheon-si
68, 55beon-gil, Biryu-daero, Nam-gu, Incheon-si