Dream of Incheon, the Vision of Korea The World’s Best City Incheon with Happy Citizens 3 Key Values Balance Communication Creativity
A balanced city where
all citizens prosper
Balanced development of the old downtown and new towns
  • Timely construction of GTX-B, and the development of additional railway networks such as the GTX-D (Y lane) and GTX-E
  • Bringing Incheon’s roads underground to connect isolated districts
Resolving regional gaps by improving living conditions in rural areas
  • Creating a fully public coastal passenger ferry system to guarantee the freedom of movement for island residents
  • Improving living conditions in Ganghwa and Ongjin
A world-class city
where dreams come true
Fostering future industries and boosting the city's competitiveness
  • Focusing on industries such as semiconductor, AI, bio, future cars, robot, PAV, etc .
  • Attracting international events and creating a GCF complex,
Revitalizing the local economy and supporting small business owners
  • Providing funds for small business owners and alleviating financial burdens by covering interest losses
  • Establishing a Small Business Promotion Foundation and hosting the Incheon Sale Festa
Building an infrastructure to facilitate convenient access to cultural, artistic, and sporting activities in daily life
  • Hosting the Incheon World Festival and completing the second phase of the Art Center Incheon construction
  • Building sporting facilities near residential areas and multi-sport complexes at hub locations
A city of communication
marked by caring
and sincerity
Providing tailored care and welfare services with no blind spots
  • Offering incentives and subsidies for childbirth, operating Incheon Mom Center, and providing transportation subsidies for moms
  • Increasing low-floor buses and specially equipped vehicles to ensure freedom of movement for the mobility impaired
  • Introducing Happiness Allowance for three-generation households in Incheon and providing free bus services for seniors
Building a safe and healthy environment for children
  • Implementing measures to eliminate traffic accidents and providing swimming classes to enhance children's safety
Constructing new infectious disease hospitals and attracting national university hospitals to enhance public healthcare infrastructure
An innovative city
creating future values
Jemulpo (Incheon Inner Port) Renaissance and New Hong Kong City Projects
  • Attracting global companies and financial capital while designating the Incheon Inner Port area as a free economic zone
Creating a clean and comfortable urban environment
  • Restoring water quality in Incheon’s five major rivers and ensuring the maintenance of surrounding areas
  • Creating new parks, including the Sorae Wetland National Park, Incheon Botanical Garden, barrier-free trails , and Gyeyang Grand