Bus is the major transportation in Korea. Bus is based on a flat rate and you can pay bus fares with cash or transportation card. You can get a discount when you use transportation cards. Especially if you pay fares with a transportation card, you don't need to bring cash, keep changes and buy subway ticket. You can find transportation cards in convenient stores and you can also pay with credit card. Additionally, you can save a cost because discount fare will be applied when you use the transportation card. As there are two kinds of transportation cards, they are Prepaid rechargeable card which can be recharged as much as you need in advance and post-paid card using with bank card side by side which can be paid later. ※ When getting off, the transportation card users must contact the card terminal with card then the transfer application and the process of use completion is finished.

※ Subject to a free ride for city bus: the bus fare will not be charged to child who is under 6years old accompany with parents.

Incheon basic bus fare (2018 standard)

Incheon basic bus fare

Division (Color), Cash, Transportation Card로 구성된 표

Division (Color) Cash Transportation Card
General Youth Children General Youth Children
Blue Bus 1,300 900 500 1,250 870 500
Green Bus 1,000 700 400 950 600 350
Main Express Bus 1,300 900 500 1,250 870 500
Intercity Seat Bus 2,000 1,500 900 1,300 900 530
Airport Seat Bus 2,400 1,800 1,000 1,650 1,200 700
Metropolitan Bus (Red) 2,900 1,750 1,300 2,600 1,550 1,300
Unit: Won
Information for convenient bus use
  • Incheon bus information management system website: bus.incheon.go.kr
    • Provides route information by bus number and bus service schedule.
  • Smartphone app for bus
    • After searching for 'Incheon bus', 'Seoul bus' or 'nationwide bus', you can download the relevant app.
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon