Greetings to my beloved fellow 3 million citizens of Incheon!
This is Yoo Jeong-Bok, Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

Inspired by the three core values of “balance,” “creation,” and “communication,”

and driven by your aspirations for new hope in Incheon,

our city has taken some remarkable strides in transforming Incheon into a “world-class city” where all of its people can be happy.

My administration promises to make your dreams, and Incheon’s dreams come true.

Our only priority is you, the citizens of Incheon.

We will do our absolute best for Incheon and its future.

Please support and interact with us

To make the “Dream of Incheon, the Vision of Korea” come true. Thank you.

인천시장 사진

Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

Yoo Jeongbok