Incheon Help Center for Foreigners is a total support service organization for foreign residents run by the City of Incheon that provides consultation desks to help improve the living conditions and convenience of foreigners; the Center also offers Korean language courses.

  • Website :
  • Inquiry : (032)429-2676
  • Address: 3rd floor, Saemaeul Association of Incheon, 40, Yesulro 192beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon

Our programs

Consultation Desks
  • ‌Addresses the inconveniences experienced by the foreign residents, helps them with communication, and provides everyday-life-related information.
  • ‌Areas of consultation: Provides information regarding convenience in everyday life including information on housing and education and introduces professional consultation services for legal or labor-related assistance.
  • ‌Mode of consultation: In-person, phones, or on-line
  • ‌Supported languages: English, Tagalog, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean
  • ‌Hours : Mon~Fri/ 09:00~17:00
Korean language courses
  • ‌The center runs Korean language courses for foreigners of different proficiency levels.
  • Name of the courses: Beginner/Basic 1, 2/ Intermediate 1, 2/Intermediate and Advanced Conversation /TOPIK class(Each course is 12-week long.)
  • How to apply : Seats are limited and served on the first-come-first-served basis. Visit us in person or apply via online (check the announced on the website.)