As ferry operation is affected by weather, it is better to confirm the correct ferry operation time through real time operation information.

  • Below ferry fare does not include the price of fuel surcharge and terminal fee, they may be changed by regulation of shipping company.
    (During peak season, approximately 10% surcharge applies on the base fare.)

Domestic and International Sea Routes

  • For information on ferry sailing schedule and fares, Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal website → Ferry Operation Guide'
Domestic Operations

International Sea Routes

Other docks

Sammok dock and Wolmi dock
  • Travel can be done through a ship which is operated by hourly to each island which is located in the city of Incheon Ongjin County and Incheon Wolmido.
  • Website: ☎ 032-751-2211
    • Refer to website for sailing schedule and fares.
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon