Subway fares increase as travel range increases. You can pay with transportation cards (post payment card or advanced payment card) or with a single journey fare card. In the case of transportation cards, you can use both bus and subway, and transfer between bus and subway.
You can only use a single journey fare card for subway rides. You may get back the 500 won deposit in the single journey fare card through the deposit refund machine at subway stations.

How to buy a single journey fare card

Buying a single journey fare card
  • 1. Buying a single journey fare card
    • Choose a destination and pay subway fare (contains 500 won card deposit).
    • ※ The deposit system (500 won) is operated to reuse single journey fare cards.
  • 2. Boarding and alighting
    • Tap the transportation card on the card reader.
    • ※ There is a logo T-money on the contact side.
  • 3. Deposit
    • You can get your deposit (500 won) back through the deposit refund machine.
Basic Subway Fare (2023. 10. 7. ~)
Basic Subway Fare (2023. 10. 7. ~)

Division (Color), Cash, Transportation Card로 구성된 표

Category Transportation Card Single Journey Fare Card
General Public 1,400 1,500
Youth 800 1,500
Elementary School Students 500 500
(Unit: Won)

How to Use the Subway

  • You must check your destination and ride the correct subway that goes to your destination.
  • In a certain range of subway line, express subway is operated. This subway line does not stop at all stations. Before taking it, you had better check the station you want to go.     
    • Express subway section in service     
      • (Subway line 1 Bupyeong station ↔ Yongsan station, Dongincheon station ↔ Yongsan station and Subway line 9 Kimpo airport ↔ Seoul Sports com-plex, Airport Railway Incheon International airport station ↔ Seoul station)

Types of Subway

  • Seoul Metro
    Line no. 1 to 9. It operates routes to and from areas such as Incheon ↔ Seoul, Seoul ↔ Seoul and Seoul ↔ Gyeonggi etc. Line no. 1 in Incheon is connected to Bucheon and Seoul.
  • Incheon Subway
    Incheon subway connects the city of Incheon. Transfer to Seoul Metro line no. 1 at Bupyeong Station/Juan Station, line no. 7 at Bupyeong-gu Office Station, Suin line at Woninjae Station and the Airport Railway at Gyeyang Station/Geomam Station
Types of Subway
  • Airport Railway
    • It is a subway connecting Incheon International Airport to Incheon to Seoul. There are two types of train systems such as general train which stops at all stations on the railway line and express train which stops only Incheon International Airport Station and Seoul station
      • Express Train (takes 51 minutes from Incheon International Airport Station - Seoul station, non-stop, interval: 30 minutes)
      • General train (takes 66 minutes from Incheon International Airport Station - Seoul station, stops at 13 stations, interval: 12 minutes)
    • In the case of general trains of the Airport Railway, it is possible to transfer to Incheon Subway Line 1 (Gyeyang Station), Incheon Subway Line 2 (Geomam Station), Seoul Subway Line 1 (Seoul station), Line 2 (Hongik University Station), Line 4 (Seoul Station), Line 5 (Gimpo Airport Station, Gongdeok Station), Line 6 (Digital Media City Station, Gongdeok Station), Gyeongin line (Digital Media City Station, Hongik University Station, Gongdeok Station, Seoul Station).
  • Suin Line
  • Suin Line
    As it is a railroad line connected Incheon to Suwon, you can easily access to Ansan, Oido Island in Kyonggi area.
Information for convenient subway use
  • Through the following websites, each subway route, the subway allocation interval will be provided.
  • Incheon Transit Corporation (Incheon Subway Line No. 1 & Line No. 2): (English, Chinese and Japanese available)
    ☎ 1899-4446
  • Metro (Seoul Subway Line No. 1 to 8): (English, Chinese and Japanese available) ☎ 1577-1234
  • Seoul Metro Line No. 9: (English available) ☎ 02-2656-0009
  • Korail Airport Railroad: (English, Chinese and Japanese available) ☎ 1599-7788
  • Smartphone app for subway : After searching for 'subway navigation', 'hacheoli', you can download the relevant app.
  • What is integrated transfer fare of the capital city area?
    • In case of transfer of Metropolitan area bus such as Incheon, Gyeonggi, and Seoul bus and Metro and subway, regardless of the use of transportation, the fare will be charged as total dis-tance covered (transportation card available)
    • In case of transfer, fare should be paid by transportation card and when getting on and off, transportation card must be tagged then it is accepted as eligible transfer.

Example of Transfer to Another Transportation Means

Buying a single journey fare card

Time window for transfer

  • After 07:00 - before 21:00, within 30 minutes after exiting ticket gate
  • After 21:00 - before 07:00, within 1 hour after exiting ticket gate

Criteria for approved transfers

  • No discounts in the case of using the same route bus continuously
  • Maximum number of transfers: the transfer discount is only applicable 5 times.
  • When more than two people have paid, the same number of people receive transfer discount.
    (Applicable only to bus and not subway)
  • Not applicable to continuous transfers between subway lines.
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon