In Korea when you take a taxi, you can pay with cash or transportation card but unlike regular public transport such as bus and subway, the transfer discount is not applied.

Taxi types and rates

General Taxi
  • As a means of transportation to move to the desired destination at once, Under 5 passengers can ride. the basic cost starts at 3,000 won (2018 standard) and according to the travel distance (144m) and the time it takes (35 seconds), costs goes up by 100won. There is 20% extra charge after 12am.
Call taxi
  • You can call the taxi company and tell them your address so that they can pick you up. Some companies' base costs may be expensive.
    • Call taxi in Incheon: Incheon call 1577-5588, Seven call 032-611-7777, Ganghwa Call 1577-6669
Call Van
  • May take up to 9 passengers and basic fare starts at 5,000 won (based on fares for 2017). 200 won is charged at every 164m (depending on the distance).
Luxury Taxi
  • Vehicle and service are better than general taxis.
  • Basic fare starts at 5000 won and fare increases by 200 won according to travel distance
Information for convenient taxi use
  • Smartphone app for taxi
    After searching 'easy taxi', 'dangol taxi', 'Incheonsi taxi ansim service', you may download the relevant app.
  • Disables call taxi service operated by Incheon Transit Corporation: ☎ 1577-0320

    『 Incheon Transit Corporation website ( ↔ Call taxi for the disabled ↔ Internet calls received. Application and cancellation are available online via

  • NFC Taxi Relief Service
    If you touch the smart phone to NFC tag installed back seat. the mobile app is activated the vehicle plate number, current location and the time of getting on, getting off will be texted to acquaintances.
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon