It is easy to access information on life in Korea or take a Korean language class and Korean culture education through websites. In particular, the websites operated by institutions that support multicultural families and foreigners are helpful as they offer their services in multiple languages.

6 Websites Operated by the Central Government

Organization Website Operating Agency Services
Multicultural Family
Support Portal Site
<Danuri> Korean Institute for
Healthy Family
Information on living in Korea, counseling
office, multilingual news, counseling and
interpretation services for migrant women
in emergency situations such as domestic
violence, sexual violence, or sex trafficking
Kkureomi National Folk Museum of Korea(for Children) Introduce cultures from around the world Korean Culture and
Information Service
Introduce Korean culture and information on current affairs
VisitKorea Korean Culture and
Information Service
Information on traveling and festivals in
EBS Korean language
classes <Durian> EBS Korean language and culture classes
Korea Support Center
for Foreign Workers Education & training for foreign workers,
consultation on welfare and healthcare
services, and information on volunteer work

4 Websites Operated by Local Governments

Organization Website Operating Agency Services
Seoul Hanultari Seoul Metropolitan
Support programs, communities, Korean
language education, employment support,
vocational training, and information
Seoul Global Center Seoul Metropolitan
Civil service center for foreigners living in
Seoul, support services for day-to-day life,
consultation on licenses and taxation, etc
Ansan Foreign Resi
-dent Service Center Ansan City,
Gyeonggi-do Province
Information on support programs operated
by the Ansan Foreign Resident Center and
Multicultural Family Support Center, webzine
in 8 languages, and a guidebook on living
and legal issues
Chungnam Dawoolim Chungcheongnamdo
Information on staying in Korea and living in
Chungcheongnamdo Province (e.g. center
news, a guide to life in Korea, other cultures,
everyday expressions)

2 Websites Operated by Private Organizations

Organization Website Operating Agency Services
KBS World News KBS World Information on news, current affairs, enterta-
inment programs, etc. in multiple languages
MNTV (Migrant worker Network Television) Korea Support Center
for Foreign Workers
News in multiple languages and everyday
Korean expressions
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon