Korea is known for IT powers so everyone can use fast speed Internet. Major internet providing com- panies are KT Olleh, SK Broadband and LG U plus, but there are different companies in different areas and districts. You can register through company website and when the registration is done, installation engineer will visit your place to install. Registration fee and modem fee will be charged. You may consider charges and benefits offered by each service provider. You can have contract from a year, two years and three years. If you cancel the contract before the contract ends, cancellation fee will be charged.

If you use a combination of products (various communication services, such as internet, telephone and mobile communication sales), you can enjoy fare discount.


Division, Website / Phone 로 구성된 표

Division Website / Phone
  • Website :
  • Phone : ☎ 100
  • Foreign language counselin : ☎ 1588-8448
SK Broadband
  • Website :
  • Phone : ☎ 106
  • Foreign language counselin : ☎ 080-8282-106#3
  • Domestic carrier, bank account required
  • English information: ☎ 1544-0010
  • Website:
Convenient PC rooms to use internet

There are lots of PC rooms in Incheon city.
PC rooms has words such as cyber, net, internet plaza on a signboard.
‌Using the internet in the PC rooms, sending email, web surfing, word processing and print out can be done. There is a fee to use the internet in a relatively low price to 1000-1500 won per hour. When to be a member or to use a flat rate, the fee will be cheaper.

Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon