Terrestrial Broadcasting

Major national land broadcasting stations are KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS. There are lots of limits compare to other broadcasting stations and these four broadcasting stations should follow broadcasting laws to keep public character.

Cable TV

Cable TV has fewer limits so there are various programs that can satisfy audience preference. Cable TV also offers foreign satellite television by using optical fiber cables. If you install specialty modems and channel converters, you can access video chat, home bank, VOD, remote education and more services. In order to register as foreigners, you need your alien registration card. However, required documents may vary by company so you should inquire at the cable TV station. Service fee and installation fee may be charged.

Local Cable TV Broadcasters
Local Cable TV Broadcasters

Area, Broadcasters,Website, Telephone No.로 구성된 표

Area Broadcasters Website Telephone No.
Gyeyang-gu, Bupyeong-gu CJ Hello Vision Bukincheon Broadcasting bic.cjhellovision.com (English available) 1855-1082
Michuhol-gu Yeonsugu Namincheon Broadcasting www.nibtv.co.kr 1544-0777
Namdong-gu Tbroad Namdong Broadcasting namdong.tbroad.com 1566-0146
Seo-gu Tbroad Saerom Broadcasting
Jung-gu, Dong-gu, Ongjin, Ganghwa Tbroad Seohae Broadcasting

Satellite Broadcasting

As a satellite broadcasting is designed to overcome the limitations of the terrestrial broadcasting using a broadcasting satellite.
International channels may be viewed via satellite broadcast.

  • Satellite Broadcasting Application
    • Skylife website: www.skylife.co.kr ☎ 1588-3002