Information on Traditional Markets

Information on Traditional Markets

District, Market, Address, Telephone로 구성된 표

District Market Address Phone No.
Jung-gu Complex Fish Market 37, Yeonanbudu-ro 33beon-gil (Hang-dong) 032-888-4241
Sinpo International Market 11-5, Uhyeon-ro 49beon-gil (Sinpo-dong) 032-772-5812
Shinheung Market Dowonro 13 (Seonhwa-dong) 032-882-1213
Dong-gu Hyundai Market Songnimro 109beongil 21 (Songnim-dong) 032-761-2667
Songhyeon Market 18, Hwadojin-ro 44beon-gil (Songhyeon-dong) 032-773-2368
Incheon Industrial Distribution
Business Cooperatives
23, Bangchuk-ro 83beon-gil (Songnim-dong) 032-589-0909
Dongbu Market Songnimro 109beongil (Songnim-dong) 032-773-4173
Songrim Tool Shopping Arcade 98, Bongsu-daero (Songnim-dong) 032-582-4057
Seokbawi Market 15, Gyeongwon-daero 852beon-gil (Juan-dong) 032-426-6877
Yongnam Market 17-1, Inju-daero 266beon-gil (Yonghyeon-dong) 032-868-2349
Incheon Nambu Jonghap Market 274-30, Inha-ro (Juan-dong) 032-864-1331
Yonghyeon Market 57-1, Yongsam-gil (Yonghyeon-dong) 032-886-9318
Singi Market 6, Singi-gil 58beon-gil (Juan-dong) 032-865-5424
Tojigeumgo Market 5, Nakseomjung-ro 38beon-gil (Yonghyeon-dong) 032-887-8987
Yeonsu Songdo Yeokjeon Market 13-3, Hannaru-ro 196beon-gil (Ongnyeon-dong) -
Okryeon Market 35, Dokbae-ro 40beon-gil (Ongnyeon-dong) 032-831-8640
Guwol Market 21-13, Hogupo-ro 790beongil (Guwol-dong) 032-469-2525
Moraenae Market 818, Hogupo-ro (Guwol-dong) 032-471-1427
Jangseungbaegi Market 27, Inju-daero 888beon-gil (Mansu-dong) 032-471-1216
Mansu Market 8-5, Mansu-ro 37beon-gil (Mansu-dong) 032-271-1213
Ganseok Free Market 312-1, Baekbeom-ro (Ganseok-dong) 032-422-0401
Guwol Wholesale Traditional
527, Inha-ro (Guwol-dong) 032-202-8982
Namdong Industrial Goods
Shopping Arcade
4-7, Euncheong-ro (Gojan-dong) -
Sipjeong Market 18, Baegonnam-ro 21beon-gil (Sipjeong-dong) 032-424-6385
Jinheung Market 27, Buheung-ro 304beon-gil (Bupyeong-dong) 032-502-8874
Bupyeong Market 28-10, Jubutoro 22beongil (Bupyeong-dong) 032-516-0655
Buil Market 14-7, Gyeongin-ro 1118beon-gil (Ilsin-dong) 032-502-3790
Bupyeong kkangtong Market 36-3, Sijang-ro 79beon-gil (Bupyeong-dong) 032-502-7175
Bupyeong Street of Culture Gwangjangro 6 (Bupyeong-dong) 032-511-5890
Jakjeon Market Jakjeonsijangro 16 (Jakjeon-dong) 032-549-7465
Mt. Gyeoyang Traditional Market 62-1, Byeongbangsijang-ro (Byeongbang-dong) 032-545-7780
Gyesan Market Gyesancheondong-ro 19beon-gil (Gyesan-dong) 032-541-8778
Seo-gu Gajwa Market 18-19, Janggogaero 337beon-gil (Gajwa-dong) 032-584-5006
Jeongseojin Jungang Market 21-11, Gajeongro 380beon-gil (Gajeong-dong) 032-575-5002
Incheon Livestock Market 35, Gajwa-ro 96beon-gil (Gajwa-dong) 032-575-5511
Singeobuk Market 208, Gajeong-ro (Seongnam-dong) 032-577-3528
Gangnam Market 14, Gangnam-ro (Seongnam-dong) 032-575-0123
Ganghwa Jungang Market 429, Ganghwa-daero, Ganghwa-eup (Sinmun-ri) 032-933-7104
Ganghwa Folk Flea Market 17-9, Jungang-ro, Ganghwa-eup (Gapgot-ri) 032-934-1318
Ganghwa Bus Terminal Market 43, Jungang-ro, Ganghwa-eup (Namsan-ri) 032-932-2393
Foreigner Friendly 'Sinpo International Market'
  • Sinpo International Market : ☎ 032-772-5812
  • Incheon Sinpo International Market is the city's first permanent modern market, eligible for support to become a Cultural Tourist Market of the Small and Medium Business Administration in March 2010.
  • Tourist attractions reflecting Incheon's modern history such as Jayu Park, Dapdong Cathedral and Hongyemun etc. are located around the market.
Incheon Free Economic Zone
Incheon Free Economic Zone
Incheon Free Economic Zone

Information on Department Stores

  • Directly contact each store to inquire about its business hours and rest days as they differ from branch to branch.

Department Store, Address, Telephone No로 구성된 표

Department Store Address Telephone No.
Lotte Department Store (Incheon Store)
35,Yeonnam-ro,Nam-gu,Incheon(Gwangyo-dong)(Incheon Terminal Station, Incheon Subway Line1) 1577-0001
Source: "Be an Incheoner" - Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Incheon